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Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue Finishing Kit

Complete Perma Blue Gun Blueing Kit - Easy to use, all-inclusive kits are the proven way to touch up or completely reblue most guns. Everything you need for a professional-looking, first-class job is included. Choose from the fast-acting Liquid Gun Blue Kit and the deep, dense Paste Gun Blue Kit. Paste Kit includes: 2 oz Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue; Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth; 3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser; Barricade Rust Protection Gun Wipes; 3 oz Blue & Rust Remover; Complete Instruction Guide; and 00 Steel Wool Pads. PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to an address within the State of California.
  • Offers you the best ways to touch up scratches and worn spots or even completely reblue most guns
  • Non-streaky, even blue-black finish to steel
  • Will build a denser finish than Liquid Gun Blue
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